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extVIEW Active Directory View/Search 2.27


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Description of
extVIEW Active Directory View/Search
The extVIEW Active Directory View/Search Software for Intranets is a browser-based solution that makes viewing and searching Active Directory users and resources fast, easy, and accurate.

With extVIEW, you can utilize your existing Active Directory infrastructure to create an easy-to-use, Web-based directory of employee and resource information in only a matter of minutes.

With extVIEW you can easily and readily:

* Provide Direct Viewing Access to Active Directory Entries!
* Maintain a Corporate Directory of Employee Information!
* Display Employee Pictures Stored in Active Directory!
* Find Any User or Contact Listed in Active Directory!

extVIEW features include the following:

* 32-Bit ASP/COM Intranet Application
* Configurable Active Directory Viewing Fields
* Configurable Page Size (entries per page)
* Search on Any Active Directory Data Field
* Sort by Any Active Directory Data Field
* Printable Employee Directory Listing, including:
o Configurable Printed Page Fields
o Configurable Printed Page Size (entries per page)
o Configurable Printed Page Sorting
o Configurable Printed Page Appearance via external CSS file
* Ability to Display Active Directory Users and Contacts
* Ability to Specify Bind User via Config File
* Ability to Display User Pictures from Active Directory or Local Filesystem
* Ability to Enable/Disable Display of Users with Blank First/Last Name
* Ability to Enable/Disable Display of Disabled Users
* Optional Base DN Parameter
* Optional Company Drop-Down Box
* Optional Department Drop-Down Box
* Optional Alphanumeric Quick Search Links
* Optional User Edit Capability
* Support for Many Common Active Directory/LDAP Fields
* Hyperlinked Active Directory Fields, including Manager and Direct Reports
* Custom Application Title
* Hover-Over Table Row Coloring
* Customizable Display Parameters Including Colors, Fonts, and more via external CSS file
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003
extVIEW Active Directory View/Search
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Author: Extensions Software
Price: $295
File Size: 1.1 MB
Downloads: 12

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